Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Week 3 (Chiefs vs. Packers)

It was perfect night for football as the crowd settled in to watch an old-fashioned grudge match. Yes, the Chiefs were at Lambeau Field hot off a 1 game winning streak, facing the once mighty Packers. Could the Packers turn their season around with a dominant victory? Would the Chiefs continue the hot streak that was started a week ago against the Giants?

The Packers won the toss and elected to kick off to the Chiefs. Kansas City took advantage of the first posession and jumped to an early 7-0 lead. Green Bay charged down the field on their first posession, but were held to a field goal by a questionable Chiefs defense that allowed 50 points a week ago. The first quarter closed with the Chiefs holding a 21-3 lead, but there was much football left to be played.

The second quarter was all Green Bay as the Packers charged back to get within 4 with only a few minutes remaining in the half. Kansas City awakened is slumbering offense and added another touchdown before the half, but not before Green Bay added a touchdown of their own. Opting to try for the 2 point conversion to bring them within a field goal, the Packers were held at the goalline and closed the half trailing by 5 points, 28-23.

As the teams took the field for the second half, emotions ran high as the Packers knew they had to come out and make a statement with the first posession of the final 14 minutes of play. However, the Chiefs defense held and forced the Packers to punt. But all was not lost, as the Packers defense also held, forcing the KC punt team to come onto the field. It was beginning to look like the game would turn into a defensive struggle, when Priest Holmes evaded a Darren Sharper ankle tackle in the backfield and turned what looked to be a loss into a touchdown, giving the Chiefs the 35-23 lead. As the third quarter wound to an end, the Packer faithful tried to rally the team together for a strong fourth quarter.

Sadly, a storybook finish was not in the cards for the once-mighty Packers. The Chiefs defense held the Packers offense, while the Chiefs offensive squad added 3 more touchdowns to jump to a 56-23 lead with the fourth quarter closing. However, in a final show of the heart and toughness that has defined his career, Brett Farve led the Packers on a final scoring drive (the key play of which may be seen at Ben't house - he made me save the instant replay, and yes, I admit it was a pretty good play). The Packers, refusing to give up, went for the onside kick - however, the Chiefs were not about to be embarrassed by allowing another onside kick to be converted on them after the debacle against the Giants last week. Kansas City recovered the kick and made the most of their final posession, scoring a touchdown as the clock winded down to end the game, Chiefs 62, Packers 30.

Where have these Chiefs come from, you might ask? Is it true that a Phoenix will rise from the ashes of a Week 1 defeat? Only time will tell...


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Well, that was detailed. I hope I don't have to play you again Hotstuff!

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