Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Week 2 (Skins vs Packers)

53 21...more later...

it's later...
It was a snowy day at Lambeau Field. The arctic conditions looked to favor the Pack. However, the Redskins got off to a quick start, scoring 22 points to Green Bay's zippy. Mark Brunell made a spectacular 3rd down conversion when he was pressured out of the pocket, scrambled outside and sacrificed the body for a 1st down. Favre had Marcus Washington and Lavaar Arrington breathing down his neck all day, causing 6 turnovers. Portis had the most spectacular TD run in all of ESPN NFL 2K5 history, breaking about 5 tackles and finally performing a high wire act to stay in bounds for the score (Ben will dispute this, but he was too busy throwing a hissy fit to challenge the play before the replay came up. The field was so covered in snow it's unlikely the officials would have overturned the call on the field anyway.) So, my baby was born on the 21st and 21 is the magic numbers that my opponents just can't seem to get past, I have a felling John's Ravens may be just the team to break that streak. I felt bad taking Ben out of the competiton but we'll see you at the Super Bowl Mr. Conrad! I should add that Ben was gracious enough to come to my house to play the game, thanks sir!


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