Friday, January 21, 2005

Eagles down Packers

The final game of week 1 saw the Eagles beat the Packers 32-18. It was a very emotional game for both sides. The first score of the game came on the most bizarre play of the season. After the Packers were able to stop the Eagles from scoring a TD on the 1 yard line it looked like it would be all Packers in this game. However, this all changed when the Packers first offensive play of the game saw Ahman Green run for 5 yards only to be called back for a holding call in the endzone which gave the Eagles a safety. The Eagles took over the first half and cruised to a 32-7 lead. With a balanced aerial attack and two short yardage rushing TDs the Eagles looked unbeatable. The fans were wondering if it was time for Ben Favre to hang up his cleats after 14 years and another subpar performance. Would the teams future rest in the hands of Craig Nall? The second half saw Ben Favre command the Packers passing attack which culminated in a Bubba Franks TD and 2-pt conversion to bring the score to 32-15 and proving that he still has at least 2 games left in his career. The Packers defense shut down the Eagles offense in the second half. The Eagles were unable to even get the ball into field goal position. Early in the 4th quarter the Packers were forced to decide whether to go for a field goal or try for it on 4th down. After settling for the field goal and making the score 32-18, Eagles fans were wondering if this years choke would come before the NFC championship game. In the end 32 points was enough for the Eagles to go on to beat the Packers and set up a meeting of 1-0 teams next week agains the Ravens.


Blogger rico said...

Awesome commentary Aaron, where's Ben's side of the story?!

January 23, 2005 at 1:49 PM  

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